Carean Oh shares her insights on her book of choice

Carean Oh shares her insights on her book of choice

By Carean Oh – Sumedha Tripathi from the India Times mentioned this week that ‘A friend that will always make one detach from all the negativity and stress in the world is our very own piece of novel. It takes one to an imaginary world that feels too real to be untrue. It makes you feel slightly better about everything happening around without really tiring one’s eyes or affecting their mental health.’

Do you agree? I love equestrian sports, being an avid horseback rider. My interest grew further when I was in Iceland, and was intrigued by the characteristic Icelandic horses who were gentle, long-lived and hardy. Just yesterday, I read about the Buzkashi, depicted vividly by Khaled Hosseini in the Kite Runner. Amir’s father, or Baba, personifies all that is reckless, courageous and arrogant in his dominant Pashtun tribe. He loves nothing better than watching the Afghan national pastime, Buzkashi, in which galloping horsemen attack one another as they compete to spear the carcass of a goat. Although horses were used very differently in this story, I would never have seen modern men use horses in such a manner if not for the gripping depictions in the book.

We may feel confined by the restrictions now that the pandemic is clawing at us, reminding us to stay safe, stay home. There is no clearer reminder that we still hold an abundance of literary wealth indoors. Access to books has never been more possible than years ago, with the proliferation of e-books. Subscription services through the National Library Board are now available from just $10.70 monthly. Books are a teleportation to unimaginable places, time periods and people.

If there is one book that I would add to the article, ’10 Novels To Read If You’re Done With All The Series While Stuck In Lockdown’ written by Triparthi, it shall be The Kite Runner. There are just too many wonderful scenes in the story that only a skilled and passionate author like Khaled Hosseini can describe.

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