(Don’t Be) Too Quick to Judge

(Don’t Be) Too Quick to Judge

It would be a lie to say that first impression do not count towards the judgement of a person. But as people can change over the years, one’s impression of them also is able to change. It is thus agreeable not to judge a book by its cover.

Social media is an example where people only show the best parts of themselves on the outside. It is naturally common just to post about the best things in life. But we often tend to forget that being humans, people also may share the same hardships as us just that we rarely often see people post about the difficulties one faces in life. It would be naïve to judge a person just by his or her social media page which could be inaccurate due to most only posting about their luxuries in life. For example, our celebrities we admire such as Chris Pratt or Ellen DeGeneres often show their comedic and funny side but most people do not see what hardships they may have faced in life and their choice to turn to comedy as an outlet to possibly relief stress from everyday life. This goes to show social media pages of a person cannot be judged solely by its cover.

Another example of a way where we often judge a book by its cover is by their appearance. When one looks at a person, they would already form judgements based on social norms. Like some have the notion that people who dressed up differently are looking for attention when in reality they are displaying their forms of art and culture they appreciate. A tattoo is most commonly associated with the person being a gangster but in truth it might be a mistake of the past that one would want to never forget hence the tattoo. In comparison, there have been frauds committed by people who dress up nicely and seem to have a good intention of selling you a product which becomes a scandal. Looks can be deceiving in many cases so it is important to not judge based on appearances.

However, detractors may feel that the first impression is also important in many cases like job interviews, first day at school or a formal event. This is undeniable as impressions would count towards how a person treats you, thinks of you and talks to you. Many can start off on the wrong foot with others but impressions do change as you communicate more frequently with the person. It is not forever cast in stone so it is possible that first looks are judged but it is how you move on to change a person’s view on you that would determine your overall true personality. For example, a person who appears constantly sluggish and nonchalant may be facing some issues at home. An impression of a person can change over time and should not be permanent.

In a nutshell, one should not judge a person based on first impressions, social media and appearance. All of the above are not cast in stone and can change based on the person. We should be more mindful and not jump to conclusions about a person. Never judge a book by its cover. You may just miss out on an amazing story.

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