Human Experience is Greater Than Customer Experience

Human Experience is Greater Than Customer Experience

As a successful entrepreneur and business leader, Carean Oh shares her insights on why the human experience is essential when it comes to serving customers.

By Carean Oh – When a new staff joins us, I always ask them to think, “Who do you work for?”  I always get the answer – you, Carean. The answer is, our clients. Without our clients, there is no Us. Every staff knows that we need to lay things aside if a child or a parent needs attention. In the education business, there is no point marketing your school or recruiting more students if you cannot tend to your current cohort well. I believe in the human experience. I have no qualms answering the phone for a customer service staff. To me, it’s a pleasure. I enjoy the connection. The subtle message that I care. I care about why they chose us. I care about their needs and demands. And the clients are always surprised, saying, “Oh hi. I didn’t know you’ll be on the line.” If the boss doesn’t walk the talk, who will? 

A human experience can’t be faked, and delivering it through a mobile phone or a chat bot can be difficult. It requires the entire organization, from front office to back office and back, to embrace the shift.

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