Karaoke: The Perfect Release

Karaoke: The Perfect Release Image by Nikola Duza via Unsplash

We’ve all watched that scene. The one where the friends, bathed in the gaudy glow of cheap disco lights, obnoxiously belt their hearts out to an equally obnoxious song. However, we always look upon them with an indulgent smile: the drunken off-key singing, the blurry TV, all coming together to provide that one moment of feel-good mushiness. As compelling as it is to just sit back and watch, here are some reasons you might want to try actually doing it!


“Music has a bonding power, it’s primal social cement.”

Oliver Sack

Ever had that awkward lull in a conversation at a social gathering? Studies show that group singing is the quintessential conversation-starter: you get to skip the ‘How was your weekend?’s and the ‘Seen anything good on TV lately?’s all together. By providing a shared experience, one that requires a certain level of honesty and openness about his singing ability, karaoke reduces the need for the otherwise inevitable awkward silences and cringeworthy attempts at humour that comes with getting to know someone new better. Whether you’re at an obligatory work event or entering a social scene, karaoke is the one thing you can count on to reduce any tension.


Image by Anna Earl via Unsplash

“A song can be more than words and music… when sung with soul, a song carries you to another world, to a place where no matter how much pain you feel, you are never alone.”

Clay Aiken

Singing is nothing if not cathartic. Whether you’re looking to forget about that massive argument, get your latest slipup at work off your mind, or are simply looking to blow off some steam, karaoke is the perfect solution. Instead of bracing for that inevitable despair that you can’t bounce back from, belt it all out as a get-better strategy. When one performs music actively, it is said to release mood-boosting endorphins and other hormones such as oxytocin, which by increasing feelings of trust, can help deter waves of loneliness or isolation. The togetherness, the sense of unity that comes with group singing, brings an undeniable comfort. It provides us with that sought-after sense of belonging that all too often eludes us.


“Singing provides a true sense of lightheartedness… It’s freedom.”

Andrea Bocelli

Building confidence is all about vulnerability: exposing yourself to a bit of ridicule or the discomfort that comes with singing (badly) in front of an audience. Just like all other experiences that take you out of your comfort zone, karaoke will improve your mental resilience. And in turn, brings an enormously satisfying sense of liberation – because suddenly the small things that used to stress you out and loom over your head will no longer hold the same power.

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